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"I was introduced to Margolis-West Graphics by my business partner at a time when I needed more than just a "graphics person," I needed someone to assist me on my journey of developing the cornerstone of our business: our initial design. Allen and Joan made decision making much easier than I expected. Due to their knowledge and experience, I was able to communicate and develop my ideas without being persuaded or steered. Oh yes, they were very honest and gave excellent input at every step, but they didn't take the role of we know best, they took the role of my assistant helping me to understand areas I was unclear on and supporting fully the ideas I had. The fact that Allen and Joan are a lot of fun to be around is not the reason I'm most impressed, it's their commitment to excellent customer service and adherence to deadlines that set them apart as a company worth doing business with."

Jim Shafor, Total Financial Solutions

"My wife and I publish a popular weekly magazine in our valley. Since it is a weekly, we are always on deadline. Therefore, every minute counts and there is no room for error. Clear communication between advertisers and the sales staff is important. Communication between the sales staff and the graphic designer is crucial. We were having a difficult time with our graphics person at the time we met Joan and Allen. When we decided to utilize their services and expertise, we were thrilled! Professional, creative and on-time delivery is what has kept us with them. (Not to mention that they're just all around great people!) Margolis-West Graphics have made our job of ad creation a much easier one."

Lee Cadena, Publisher, Tidbits of Santa Clarita

"Dear Joan and Allen,
Thank you so much for your dedication to our projects, and for your attention to detail. We rest assured that everything you do meets your definition of quality before you give it the Margolis-West stamp of approval. Thank you for everything."

Judith Cassis and Lee Cadena, Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley

"To Whom It May Concern: I wanted to give a review to Margolis-West Graphics but I had no idea where I would start. They are so superior to any other graphic artist I have dealt with. I was given choices and I selected them. They were down to earth and not talking over my head with terms I don't know. They are extremely knowledgeable about their field but do ask questions of other people in the business if they aren't sure about an answer. I liked that. They weren't know-it-all people. They completely redid my website from top to bottom with replacing old pictures with new ones so I could display my artwork successfully. They were able to get me updated with all social media. This was something a different company was not able to do in the previous year. They completely did my keywords so my website wouldn't be limited to the area I live in. They updated their progress at least weekly with me and I know they put a lot more time in than my original contract with them stated. In laymen's terms, that means they work for nothing after they had exceeded what I was going to pay. They never asked for a cent more. They encouraged me to check out different networking groups and I did. Margolis-West truly wants me to achieve my goals and I am on the way to doing just that. They not only do the "website graphic art" but all different types of artwork for their clients. I can assure that if you hire them they will excel in their field of expertise and you will be so grateful that you read this review. You will just love them as I do."

Holly N. Russo, Artist, Floral Preservation by Picture This

"Margolis-West Graphics created a new look for our flyers. We loved it so much we are using it as our new branding and the design for our new website. Thank you Allen and Joan for all your support, you both are great examples of Chamber membership."

Terri K. Crain, CEO, SCV Chamber of Commerce