How does Margolis-West Graphics make the happen? Conatct us at 661 255-6648 to find out.


Your team, working together with Margolis-West Graphics, is a winning combination of forces. Your company knows all about your business and what it needs to grow stronger. Margolis-West Graphics knows how to transform that information into a visual representation of your concepts. We help you successfully communicate those concepts into the look and feel of your brand, your website and all your other marketing materials.

We are your bridge to success!

The art (and science) of graphic design (or visual communication) is the discipline that combines images, words, and content based on ideas to create a specific result and to influence the reaction of the target audience. That is what we do for you. Whether it's a re-brand of your logo or a completely new logo all the way to your website and all stops in between, contact us, we have the tools to get it done! That's how visual communication works. All your design solutions are here under one roof. We do it all and give you fresh and original creations, custom-crafted and designed especially for you!

We produce logo design, graphic design and web design. This includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, door hangers, menus, table tents, review cards, publications and annual reports, among other things. If you can dream it, we can design it!

The founders of Margolis-West Graphics have been in business for over forty years combined. Margolis-West Graphics has been in business for over ten years. We have created graphic design and website design for all types of businesses large and small, from mom and pop organizations to Fortune 500s.

What are the benefits to you?

In addition to offering superb customer service and timely turnaround on your project, the one and most important benefit to you is that everything is under one roof. In addition, we offer long term experience in graphic design and web design.


How do we make the magic happen?

How does Margolis-West Graphics make the magic happen?  Contact us at 661 255-6648 to find out.

What do you need and who will do it for you? If you desire fresh and new marketing materials and just don't know who to call, or if your current marketing materials aren't working for you anymore, Margolis-West Graphics is your answer.

We specialize in companies (small or large) who want to create and/or update their promotional materials so they will be the leaders in their competitive arena.

Although we're located in Santa Clarita California, Skype insures that there are no limits to where we can meet. We are experts in relationship marketing. We get to know you and your business which allows us to create the highest quality finished artwork custom-crafted to fit individual needs, budgets and timeframes.


  • Graphic design for all your collateral materials
  • Website design
  • Website implementation
  • Website hosting
  • Your one stop shop for all things graphical

Your one stop shop for all things graphical!

We'll make sure you're happy with the finished product by meeting, or better yet, exceeding your expectations. Take a moment to look at our Portfolio to see the projects we've completed for other satisfied clients. Then look at the list of our Services and also look at our Processes to see the steps we take to produce the work.

Joan Margolis-West

Meet Our Team

Allen West spends his time finding new clients and keeping the current ones smiling.

Joan Margolis-West, 661 255-6648,
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Joan Margolis-West will be found creating visual solutions for her clients' marketing needs.