Allen West | Margolis-West Graphics | 661 255-6648

While attending college at night and working a full-time job during the day, Allen studied business management in order to understand the ins and outs of all business types. His full-time job at Kaiser Foundation Hospital fueled his interest in workers’ rights and responsibilities. He became an expert in contract negotiations.

He was a Union Shop Representative until he retired from Kaiser and went to work for the Union itself. There he excelled in assuring that both sides of the table (Union and Management) dealt fairly with each other.

Allen attended Compton College, California State University and took extension classes at Los Angeles Trade Technical College in the greater Los Angeles area.

Allen’s role in Margolis West Graphics is C.C.O. (Chief Client Officer). Allen is responsible for client relations and making sure clients are given a progress report regularly.

This means attracting new clients, handling the administrative work and maintaining Quickbooks. In addition, Allen will attend various networking meetings, and do what he does best which is to interact with the public.

Allen utilizes his background in graphic arts enabling him to draw and sketch to help clients visualize their dreams and make them come true.

Early graphical design was more hands-on, but today most of the work is completed digitally, while hands-on work is becoming obsolete. Allen has worked mostly in the printing arena of the graphic arts world. Knowing spacing, fonts, bleeds, negative space, colors, papers for printing, etc. are very helpful in guiding clients through the printing process.

Allen’s role in Margolis West Graphics is to attract new clients and consult with them on the design and production of their projects.